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, keeping them honest, the governor of virginia declaring april confederate history month but not the proclamation of slavery. now, he's singing another tune. was he pandering to his base and an issue that ripped this country apart? >>> coming up, sarah palin and michele bachmann? are they the new faces of the republican party or outshining the republican party? >>> tiger woods appears ainu ad, the first since the scandal, the ad featuring his late father's voice, strange no doubt about it. strangely compelling as well. what it means, we'll let you decide. first up, keeping them honest. governor bob from virginia calling april history month. a proclamation that resulted in the governor a few hours ago reversion himself. i want to show you what the proclamation said. it was issued friday by the newly elected governor of virginia. this is him. i want to make it big. april is the month the people of virginia joined the confederate states of america and goes on to -- joined the con f fed -- confederate states of america. and the civil war. skips ahead to clause 3, it is import
of the state of virginia, a proclamation naming april as confederate history month. no mention of slavery in the proclamation by the governor. the governor's backtracking on that. we'll have the debate ahead. "get down, get down, get down!" that's the type of ied that earned me a purple heart in iraq six years ago. this is what our troops are up against today. "it can penetrate four inches of armor." efps. specially designed topier. it's a devastating weapon and it was created in oil rich iran. they're ending up in the hands of our enemies. and everytime oil goes up a dollar, iran gets another 1.5 billion dollars to use against us. the connection between oil and the enemy couldn't be clearer. we need to break that connection by breaking our addiction. and we can, by passing a clean energy climate plan. it will cut our dependence on foreign oil in half. some in congress say it's a tough vote. not as tough as what our troops are up against. announcer: there's an easier way. create your own business site with intuit websites. just choose a style, then customize, publish and get found. sweet.
. >> thank you very much. >>> still ahead, confederate history month fallout. first, the governor of virginia comes under fire, and then you think the story is over, but now another state leader is being slammed for comments he made on slavery and the civil war. text your comments to "ac 360" or 22360. presidential historian douglas brinkley will join us ahead. >>> also is liz taylor actually engaged again? here's what she is saying about getting married for a ninth time. we have oil on our shores. natural gas can be a part of the solution. i think we need to work on wind resources. they ought to be carefully mapping every conceivable alternative. there is an endless opportunity right here. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medic
the confederacy heats up, mississippi governor haley barbour weighing in saying why should virginia's governor have mentioned slavery in his proclamation? we will talk with historian douglas brink about the real history of the war and why now, many try to rewrite it. >>> keeping them honest, the ten continue family who sent their newly adopted russian child back, putting him on a plane alone and not even telling russian officials he was coming. this 17-year-old justin hanson that we are talking about, there he is, we blurred his image because of his age and the situation he was involved n he was adopted only about six months ago but last week, he showed up, as you probably know, up announced at russia's child protection ministry with a note from his adopted family saying he was violent and the mom was misled by adoption officials in russia. russian officials are furious, threatening to suspend all adoption buys americans. today, tennessee law enforcement officials held a news conference but the truth is as you are going to see, they are having trouble investigating the case because just answer
in west virginia. the four remaining miners are found dead. we'll have a live report. mourning the dead in kurdistan, the new government says the state could haviers are looted and they count the cost of violent protests. >>> an american grandmother triggers an incident when she sends a 7-year-old boy back to moscow. >>> thank you for joining cnn. i'm natalie allen. this is "world report." the worst u.s. coal mining accident in a quarter century just became the deadliest in 40 years. at a news conference in west virginia, officials confirmed what had been feared for several days, that four missing miners have been found dead. a massive explosion on monday killed at least 25 miners. search crews made a fourth attempt to reach an area of the coal mine where the men could have taken refuge. but the governor says they never made it. >> none of the shachambers had n deployed and none of our miners suffered. so this journey -- this journey has ended. and now the healing will start. >> funerals for four of the victims were held on friday including a 61-year-old miner who was just five weeks fr
haven't been voting democrats in massachusetts and new jersey and virginia. one point about sarah palin, i think she's doing something very smart here. i think sarah palin's decided it's more important for her to be the power behind 1,000 thrones than sit on the throne herself. she's out there now supporting candidates and republicans and conservatives all over the place and uniting that populist anger paul is talking about. i think she's becoming an even more powerful political force. >> everybody says they don't like partisanship and democrats bash republicans on partisanship. there's a new liberal group that's called "crash the party" and says it will go to tea parties and blend in and be as outrageous as they can, doesn't that add to the fractured nature of politics in america dao? is that really a good smart thing for this group to be doing? >> it's not something i would do and not something i'm encouraging. if i were crashing the party i would bring a sign that says tax cuts for the middle class not millionaires. that's not mischief trying to give the democratic message to folks s
. >>> following a number of other stories tonight, joe johns joins us with a "360" bulletin. >> west virginia governor has ordered immediate inspection of all underground coal mines and asked the state's 200 underground coal mines to cease production tomorrow to honor the 29 miners killed last week at the upper big branch mine. >>> michelle obama visited schools in mexico and talked about everything from poverty to climate change. she also sat down with a reporter and told him about the strict rules the daughters have to follow when it comes to technology. >> we try to establish a set of guidelines and rules that make sense. no computers, phones, television during the week. we talk a lot with them about the dangers of facebook and sort of getting into that social networking kind of gossip mill or -- you know, that comes from those arctiveties. >> a new report by the federal reserve finds economic recovery is spreading to most parts of the country. merchants are seeing better sales and factories are boosting production but many companies are still wary of ramping up hiring. >>> a new study con
is quintessentially american. those individuals were demonstrating in washington and virginia. pro-gun rallies by people who fear their second amendment rights are being taken away or threatened. a lot of people are upset with the government, nothing wrong with that. there are a few fringe groups whose views have become alarming to washington. the question is, are they a real threat? up close tonight, here's more. >> reporter: not far from the texas capital, down a dim staircase, is one of the new faces of a political movement coming to a boil. 9/11, government conspiracy? >> i don't know, but everyone should question it. >> obama, born or not born in the u.s.? >> i don't know that but we should question that, too. >> reporter: we met katherine in this bookstore, brave new books, where this leader of the liberty restoration project tries to explain her anti-war, pro-community garden, and extremely anti-obama conservative movement. are you necessarily anti-government? >> no, i am anti-coercion and i'm anti-force. so i believe any sort of government should be consensual. >> reporter: she believe
the virginia coastline and big expanse in the gulf of mexico and parts of the african ocean. how does that stack up with the promise the president made before he was elected. tom foreman looks back. >> reporter: the presidents plan to open vast new coastal waters for oil and gas exploration in much of the east and south and far north, too, brought immediate fire, even as he insists it fits his strategy to move towards a greener energy supply. >> the only way this transition will succeed is if it strengthens our economy in the short term and the long run, to fail to recognize this reality would be a mistake. >> reporter: keeping them honest, that does not sound like the barack obama from the campaign trail. >> we'll drill here and we'll drill now. now, you can chant. drill, baby drill. >> reporter: back then, he ripped his republican opponents over the emphasis they put on new drilling as a key to energy independence. >> we can't simply pretend as senator mccain does, that we can drill our way out of our problem. >> we can't drill our way out of the problem. >> if we started drilling t
was the author of the original virginia statute on religious freedom that became the first amendment was against even having chaplains in congress or the armed forces. >> no, no, that's not what he wrote. no, no, no. christopher, you know that was discovered in writings 100 years after he died. >> what difference does that make? >> it's not consistent with the position -- >> what difference does that make? >> well, it's totally inconsistent. it's totally inconsistent. if you let me finish, i'll answer your question. >> tony, to christopher's point about -- >> let me finish. >> let me ask about christopher's point about the federal government involvement in this. a lot of people who don't want the federal government involved in many aspects of their lives seem to be arguing in favor of this notion the federal government having this national day of prayer. is there -- i mean, is there a certain hypocrisy there? >> what's next? no -- no one is being compelled to pray. >> government is demanding -- >> what happened yesterday was the government compelling you to pay taxes. calling the nation to set a
family no matter what. >> alina cho, virginia beach. >> you heard dr. aaron son. she joins us to talk about this case. your message, do your homework? >> i think it's all around. everybody in the process, agencies, home study, international adoption agencies, all have to do their homework. what does that mean? there are step-wise procedures figuring out as much as you can about a kid from the information provided. >> sounds like they got some sort of report, they were duped to some extent because that person hadn't even visited the child. >> that's an unusual piece of the story here. what we need to do is stick with the bigger picture. people will get very upset with all these stories as you well know, one after the other, people are going to feel discouraged. what i want to do here speaking to you is lay out for people there is a process where people can learn a lot about adoption, people can get some sense of what's going on with a kid in an orphanage and they can make a decision that's somewhat informed. if that breaks down, if there's no international adoption doctor on this side
. in this case, actually the reason that one of the armed rallies was able to be held in virginia on national parkland was because of a bill signed by president obama. in many cases what we're seeing is a phantom menace. the evidence of fright-wing politics. people very afraid in a time of anxiety and economic distress, willing to believe the worst in their government. they're being fed a steady diet of fear and hate and politics and it has a trickle down effect as we learned 15 years ago. >> some saw the fact that they were protesting on april 19, the anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing as offensive. but this wasn't tied to the oklahoma city bombing. >> no. >> there are other events on this day. >> april 19 has taken on a tallasmanic performance. but it's also the 235th answer versery of lexington and concord. waco occurred on april 19. that is what inspired timothy mcveigh to murder 168 men, women and children in oklahoma city. and a long series of events. the larger themes are one of resistance, and vulnerability. but we have an obligation to learn from her rour history. it's about le
" near somalia. the cases will be prosecuted in norfolk, virginia. >>> and check this out. a runaway saw blade rolls across a yard and into the side of a house. a construction worker chased after it. this is a bizarre moment, caught on a home security camera near cleveland, ohio. the blade left a three-foot cash in the house, and you can really only laugh at that, because nobody got hurt. >> can you imagine the panic of the guy -- that guy's mind when he first sees that blade going off. >> good grief. anything could happen, yeah. good it didn't come after him. >> for tonight's shot, an odd and very funny musical duet. william shatner hits the stage with lee yu-chin. ♪ turn around, bright eyes ♪ i need you now ♪ i need you tonight ♪ ♪ forever ♪ the you'll only hold me time ♪ we'll be holding on forever ♪ and we'll only be making it right ♪ ♪ >> i got to say, i think shatner phoned it in. >> it sounds like two dogs howling. >> well, no, i think -- i think our friend from taiwan, there -- >> yeah, he's okay. >> he's giving it all. >> yeah, but shatner is either flat or s
. >> and from virginia, her caption, buy low, sell high, and take the fifth. yeah. caroline, your beat "360" t-shirt is on the way. >>> tonight's shot, lawmakers gone wild, take a look at this. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> we have a reason to watch the ukrainian parliament in action there first hand. that's a real brawl erupted today apparently over a decision allowing russia to keep a naval base at a ukrainian port. watching them throw eggs and set off a smoke bomb. >> no kidding. >> well, kind of -- >> got us thinking! >> did you like that? >> yes! >> it did get us thinking about other lawmakers around the world who made news by literally fighting one another. we see these battles in north korea, indonesia, argentina, mexico, iran, seemingly out of control. tonight, we add the ukrainian parliament to that list. >> a good addition. >> they had the umbrellas. we know you're going to throw eggs so we're bringing umbrellas. >> what do you use to stop a chair. they're throwing chairs in that one. >> it did get a little violent. smoke bombs. >> that's the way to make law. >> that's right.
to tell you about, randi kaye has a "360 bulletin." randi? >> in west virginia the search for four missing miners could resume in the air quality in the upper big branch mine continues to improve. rescuers entered the mine this morning but were pulled out when gas levels became just too high. officials are taking air samples every 15 minutes and say the levels are decreasing. >>> a "360" follow now, 15-year-old phoebe prince hanged herself last january after months of harassment at a massachusetts high school. well, today lawyers entered not guilty pleas for three 16-year-old girls accused of bullying her. three other teenagers have already pled not guilty to a long list of charges. >>> tiger woods today shot a 4 under par 68 in augusta, georgia. that's his best opening-round score of his masters career and his first tournament since the car accident last thanksgiving led to sexual revelations and a more than four-month hiatus from the game of golf. >>> and two canadian brothers adopted by different families spent years trying to find each other. they both contacted a post-adoption service
to a teen girl's suicide. >>> first, lisa bloom has a "360" bulletin. >> rescuers in west virginia are back under ground in a last-ditch effort to find four miners missing since monday's explosion. teams are heading towards the chamber where they may have taken shelter. >>> funeralses for the 25 miners began today killed in the explosion. >>> the qatari diplomat would caused a scare with a long bathroom visit and an unfortunate comment about his views is going home. the u.s. state department has been assured that mohammed al modadi is leaving the country. as he has diplomatic immunity he won't be charged. >>> 1.5 million people have reserved their chance to see the shroud of turin. goes on tour for six weeks starting tomorrow. some believe jesus was buried in the linen cloth. anderson? >> first, final hours of a young girl's life. prosecutors say she was bullied to death. said the bullying went on for months. new details what phoebe prince endured the day she took her life and the name she was called and the final text messages she sent. >>> also, hope for their future turning tents into cl
on in west virginia. >> a lot going on today. we could find out within the hour the fate of four missing miners in west virginia. a few hours ago rescuerser
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)